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PROJECT UPDATE - On Running, The New Headquarters In Zurich




Unique and Revolutionary


The revolutionary running shoe brand On’s new headquarters in Zurich offers space for around 1000 employees on 17 floors. The building's uniqueness is achieved especially thanks to the spatial design of the different areas. Product development, marketing, logistics, and sales are linked by stacked stairs. 




Exciting Uniformity


A clear line and a defined grid create a profound effect in buildings. Taking this into account, the luminaires were designed as linear elements and integrated into this grid. A repeating structure across all levels was achieved with these linear luminaires combined with the track spotlight VARO 80 S. This allows great flexibility in their application and creates an exciting uniformity when viewed from the outside.




Impressive Size


A particular challenge in the project were the two-storey building sections such as the conference and co-working areas on the first floor. A grid solution was implemented here using the MOVE IT 45 track system. The size of the whole system alone looks very impressive and the approximately 1000 individual LED insets can craft a range of lighting scenes.




Clear Design Language With Light


The vision of the clients and On founders was a defining characteristic. The aim was to design the different worlds as a structured open space with few separated rooms. The convincing lighting technology and the XAL luminaires’ aesthetics helped to meet the design concept of Spillmann & Echsle Architekten AG and Specific Generic of Stockholm, and to continue the clear design language for all areas.










MOVE IT 45 / L1


*article and images extracted from XAL website at LINK


Lighting Product: Koizumi x XAL