PROJECT UPDATE -  Blique by Nobis Stockholm, SE – by Wingårdhs




The Stockholm’s gallery district is home to the Blique by Nobis Hotel, housed in a former warehouse from the 1930s. Lovers of architecture, design, art, music, and good food will find what they are looking for in the hotel’s public areas. The quality and flexibility of the general lighting was key, as there was little daylight in the lobby. By designing the general lighting as an architectural component, a narrow and open grid, the architects managed to make the large number of technical installations in the ceiling less visible. Another important requirement was to make the space cosy and varied despite large open areas and hard-surface layers. 


An intelligent lighting control system was the solution. For control purposes, the different areas were divided into groups. A total of 1,600 DALI addresses were included in the control protocol. By means of an astronomical clock included in the control software, the lighting moods in the lobby can be adapted to the seasonal position of the sun. (Published 2022)

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